What’s in it for Meds MASH Patients?

Meds MASH is all about keeping you healthy and doing what you want to do.  A Meds MASH pharmacist is a specialist in best medication use in people over 60.  A Meds MASH pharmacist will provide for you a thorough assessment to identify health risks that could slow you down.  This program is particularly oriented to people aged 55–85 who live independently with motivation to live a healthy, active life preserved for many years to come.

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Meds MASH involves a thorough assessment of health, lifestyle, medications, and environment to identify factors that could place a participant at risk of a function-limiting event.

  • Did you know that taking some medications can increase your risk of falling?
  • Did you know not taking some medications can increase your risk of falling?
  • Did you know some medical conditions can increase your risk of falling?
  • Did you know not getting enough of some vitamins can increase your risk of falling?
  • Did you know medications can make it hard to remember things?
  • Did you know medications that work well in your 50’s are processed in your body much differently in your 70’s?
  • Who knows absolutely every medicine, vitamin, supplement, over-the-counter, and recreational medicine you ever take?  Are they all safe together?

As a clinical pharmacist, Dr. Michelle Fritsch is looking at all of your prescribed medications and other substances you take to assure none of these nine problems exist:

  • Each dose is not too high (You have more side effects than needed or even have toxicity.)
  • Each dose is not too low (You take it but it doesn’t work for you.)
  • All conditions that should be treated with a medication are being treated with the best medication(s) based on current medical studies.
  • Each medication you take is actually necessary. (Sometimes there are medications that have been on your list for a long time but no one remembers why.)
  • No medications interact with each other making your health worse. Also, your diet and supplements don’t interact with your other medications or each other.
  • You are able to obtain and take each prescribed medication. (Sometimes pills are too big, inhalers are hard to use, eye drops are hard to get into the eye, or medications are too expensive or not covered by insurance.)
  • None of your medications for one condition make another condition worse.
  • You are able to safely take all of your medications. Allergies and medication intolerances will be reviewed and clarified for your healthcare team.
  • You are taking each medication at the optimal time in relation to food, other medications, and potential side effects.