Serenity- Exploring this component of your health

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Finding time for quiet serenity is key to good health. Where do you find serenity? Webster defines serenity as, ‘the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled’. I have just returned from a

Independence – Live the Retirement of your Dreams

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Maintain your independence through safe medication use. Happy Independence Day! On this day of immense gratitude for all who have served to preserve our freedom, I am also thinking about your freedom. My

Tired to the Point of Tears – Remember Self-Care

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Keep your bucket full to avoid the tired tears. Have you ever been tired to the point of tears? You feel the tears coming and you don’t even know why. You just need

Isolation Avoidance – You Never Need to be Alone

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Isolation is not healthy. Avoidance is possible! Isolation is a growing issue in our society.   Isolation is being chronically alone with no support. Many cultures function as a family unit, and as family

Garbage in can turn you to rubble – change your choices

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Garbage in your life leads to negative consequences. You’ve heard, ‘garbage in – garbage out’. Wow, that holds true with our health, too. I want to focus on three particular types of garbage

Numbers: Do you know the importance of each of your numbers?

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    Know how your numbers are key to your health. What are the key numbers in your life? I just turned 50. That is a number that seems like a real turning