Having a Place to Go – Gratitude this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is about being together and feeling loved. I have had the opportunity to interact with many homeless people in the past few months. I’ve learned people can find themselves homeless for a

Attitude – the choice is yours and the impact is huge for your health!

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Choose your attitude each day, and make it a good one for your health! Is your attitude the RESULT of what is happening around you? Is it the RESULT of what others do

Celebrating the Glory of Today – Gratitude and Love

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Gratitude for beauty and blessings improves health. We spend so much of our time thinking about tomorrow, planning for tomorrow, working for tomorrow, hoping and dreaming for tomorrow. But tomorrow is never here,

Fall Changes, Falls, and Your Changes

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Physical changes can lead to falls; learn how to lower your risk. In Maryland, the leaves are turning beautiful fall colors. The air is crisp more often, and that fuzzy blanket feels good

Emergencies and Medications – Are You Prepared?

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  Remember medications and medical equipment in emergencies Emergencies - we have had many in the past two weeks.  Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and a major earthquake. Millions of people evacuated while millions

Learn How YOU Can Be a Life Saving Hero – Cape Optional!

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Be a super hero and save a life! Save opioid overdose deaths. We need a hero! People are dying at alarming rates. Who is your favorite superhero? Have you ever dreamed of being