Patient Success Stories


“Ed had stopped consuming all grapefruit when started on his cholesterol medicine.  This was his only question about his medicines.  I sent him an article with clinical evidence that small amounts of grapefruit consumption, for his particular medication, will not have a clinically significant impact.  I also called to inform him he could resume small amounts of grapefruit.  This was his response.  “The morning after you called, I had a small grapefruit juice, the first in more than five years.  It was superb! Thank you for researching my concern. I will think of you with every swallow!” Ed

Jill was present for her mother’s assessment.  She and her sister had some concerns about their mother’s health and memory.  This is how she expressed her thanks for the ability to see first hand how her mother completed the assessments.  “Thank you for speaking with my mother on Saturday. It was a good exercise for her, and good for me to observe!  She really does pretty well.”  Jill

“I highly recommend Dr. Michelle.  Super helpful with information and articles.  Thank you Michelle, as always you are my go to Doc.” Wynn

“Both you and (Elder Law attorney) have been such a blessing, not sure where we would be without you.”  Jeanne

“Thanks again for your help.  When mom got home, I commented on the fact that she could get rid of the smelly area rugs (dog issues, then cleaned and rolled wet).  She hesitated, as she does, and said that she was going to check on them.  My comment, “Now what did Michelle say?”  Her comment, “Oh yeah, I guess they can go.”  Jacki

“Thank you! It was a relief to have your input.”  Nancy